4th Corner Fly Fishers Conservation Efforts

The Fourth Corner Fly Fishers (4CFF): was founded in 1972 by a group of local fishermen who saw the need for conserving aquatic habitats throughout the state of Washington. Among this founding group of individuals was the well known photographer and author, Ralph Wahl, as well as the last original member of this group who is still active in our club, Wayne McLemore. Early on, 4CFF worked on conservation projects, helped with input on environmental issues, and, of course, enjoyed the camaraderie of flyfishing. In the late 70’s and early 80’s, the 4CFF became actively involved in the WDFW Vibert Box project off the South Fork of the Nooksack River, and helped in restoring steel head habitat on Little Deer Creek after a large clay bank slid into this creek. Fourth Corner Fly Fishers took on the care and maintenance of Squalicum Lake fishing access, including a yearly creel census. In addition, the club has played a major role in habitat restoration at Nessett Creek off the North fork of the Nooksack. Both of these projects are currently part of our yearly work. Over a 3 year period in the late 90’s, 4CFF, with the help of the National Forest Service, completed the construction of the Boyd Creek Salmon Interpretive Site near Glacier. It was around this time that 4CFF began it’s long term relationship with Nooksack Salmon Enhancement Association, supplying manpower as well as financial and educational support for a variety of NSEA’s local restoration activities. One of our current projects with NSEA involves maintenance of a section of Ten Mile Creek that flows along Ten Mile Elementary School property, and which is used by the students as part of their environmental education.

Since the 4CFF was originally founded as a conservation organization, our constitution still reflects this fact. Part of the oath for new members includes that they recognize and support the “conservation ethic” of our club. Members do this by obeying all fishing rules and regulations, by providing fly fishing and conservation education to the public, and by helping to restore and preserve local aquatic habitats for future use and enjoyment.

Committee Co-chairs: Dan Coombs and John Leighton

Committee members: Klaus Lohse, Bob Johnson, Terry McEwen, Mike Reed, Frank Koterba