4th Corner Fly Fishers Education – External and Internal

The founding fathers of the Fourth Corner Fly Fishers (4CFF) believed Conservation and Education to be an integral part of the clubs purpose.  In External Education over the years the 4CFF’s have been providing classes for middle school, high school and college students, and the general public of all ages. Instructions generally include fly tying and casting.

If you are part of a group or know someone that is and think that learning the art of fly tying and casting would be of interest, please contact Jerry Hill (jerry4455(at)comcast.net (note:  change the “at” to @ for email)) to find out more information and see if 4CFF would be a good fit for an activity for your organization.  We do single 2-4 hour tying/casting sessions, multi-sessions in a day and multi-day sessions that may continue over a couple months and will consider other options depending on your needs and our resources.

4CFF is currently formalizing educational activities for Internal club education.  To date the club has numerous “fly tying outings” sponsored by a club member for 3-4 hours in which other members come to that members house and tie random or not flies and can check out other members techniques or methods.  Questions and answers abound around tying vises and snacks that are part of these gatherings.  A fun time is had by all.  Future events will include classes for newbies in tying and beginning, intermediate and advanced casting methods so members can grow in their own expertise.  Check out the “Internal Education” button and calendar for upcoming activities.